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5 Must Have Cycling Gadgets

April 05, 2018

If you love cycling gadgets in general or are just looking for the latest in effective safety gear these are for you:

1. The RearViz Bicycle Mirror

With the aim of making a cyclists journey in an urban environment safer, The RearViz Bicycle mirror is an arm mounted Rear Vision Mirror enabling cyclists to keep their eyes on the road while maintaining a complete rear vision view of on-coming traffic.

This 360 degree rotatable mirror allows cyclist to customise their view while the flawless strap fastens tightly to the wrist, absorbing road vibrations and enabling a clear view of surroundings through the mirror. This ground-breaking gadget is fully adjustable, waterproof and durable.

Here's how the RearViz improves the safety of cyclists on the road: 

2. Winglights Turn Signals

For the urban cyclist, Winglights Turn Signals are made of robust and shockproof aluminium.

With Three unique designs Winglights has all bases covered:

- Winglights Magnetic

This seamless design attaches magnetically to the mounting units that insert into your handlebar ends. Designed as 100% waterproof they are tough enough to endure all weather conditions.

- Winglights Fixed

Slick, shockproof and robust design. Winglights Fixed firmly attach to the ends of your handlebars and are tough enough to endure all weather conditions.

- Winglights Pop

The latest and greatest design in the Winglights squad, the Winglights Pop are a slimmer design for more casual riders. Not only are they both waterproof and shockproof they also came with a smaller price tag.

3. BeeLine

For the cyclist who likes to explore new routes, beating personal bests and keep on track with their ride. Beeline is not just about navigation. It includes all other features that are a must-have for your ride:

- Speedometer

With a simple tap on the right-hand side button, you can access your current speed, no need to worry about distance conversions, you can simply change the units from km/h to m/ph, via the synced app on your smartphone device.

- Trip Distance and Time

Tap once more on the screen to find your rides distance and time. This can keep you informed and up to date on how far you've traveled and conveniently you can save this data on the app and brag about it to your friends too.

- Clock: 

Tap again and find the clock screen with the time displayed, simple yet effective.

- Battery Life

The BeeLine can be charged for a 30-day battery life, to access the battery capacity you can simply tap once more on the right button to find exactly how much battery you have remaining. 

- Award Winning Design

Say no more, simple and easy to detach and reattach. Did we mention it sync's via blue tooth to your smartphone?

Want to see what all the fuss is about?


 4. Ultimate Bike Helmet

This is the world's first ever Smart Bike Helmet, yes you heard right! Away with the standard bike helmet and in with this fully integrated Ultimate Bike Helmet

Featuring fully integrated turn signal lights and brake lights, you can now ride safely at night knowing cars and traffic have a full understanding of where you are and what your next move is on the road.

This award-winning product is controlled by a Bluetooth remote mounted to your (one to many spaces here) front handlebars enabling easy control in signaling your next move to motorists.

Completely encapsulated by white, red and orange LED lights the Ultimate Bike Helmet increases your visibility at night to others on the road.

5. Linka Lock

Last but certainly not least is Linka Lock. With a mission to make products that enhance convenience and safety of urban mobility Linka Lock is smartphone compatible with an accompanied app. It is a bike locking system that is activated with a simple press of the gadget and automatically unlocks when your smartphone is within close proximity of the lock. Gone are the days of forgetting your lock code or key, now you can unlock your bicycle lock easily with the convenience of your smartphone. 

Linka Lock has many features ensuring your bikes uncompromised security:
Durability, Strength of a special 9mm hardened steel shackle, made to withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions.
Tamper Alerts: Built-in sensors detect when someone may be tampering with your lock, alerting you instantly via your smartphone application. Not only does it alert you, it also triggers a screeching 110dB siren from the Lock drawing instant attention to the thief.


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