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A Peek At Taiwan's Fascinating Cycling Routes

A Peek At Taiwan's Fascinating Cycling Routes

June 21, 2019

Did you know that Taiwan has area of 36,193 square kilometers, has five major cities and is also one of the richest nation in East Asia? Formerly known as Formosa and was called “Ilha Formosa” which means “Beautiful Island” by the Portuguese mariners, is a modern state with 5 major cities namely Kaoshiung, Taoyuan, Taichung, Tainan and Taipei which is its capital city.

As one of the world’s leading bike exporters and manufacturers in the world, it’s not unusual for them to have the most amazing cycling routes in the world, and to top it all, one of the safest.

Cycling is most welcome in Taiwan that even police stations have officially become bicycle stations where cyclists can stop and rest for a while. They can even use toilets, ask directions and fix their bike. Cyclists will surely find it very convenient to grab a quick bite and refreshments since there are many convenience stores open 24 hours a day, along cycling routes.

Beginners, pros and even cycling enthusiast will never get enough of Taiwan’s cycling routes. Each city has something unique to offer. From the breathtaking sceneries, to the bustling cityscapes, to the sumptuous food, to the polite people, everything is just exhilarating.

If you can’t wait to start your adventure, then here are some of the best cycling routes in Taiwan:

  • Kenting Loop is located in Taiwan’s southernmost tip. Cyclists usually come here to admire the beauty of the Pacific Ocean and Taiwan Strait. Passing through Hengchuan town is a must, where one can take a break and see the last city walls built during Qing Dynasty on side.

kenting loop

  • If you are into leisurely cycling, then Guangshan Town Cycling path is the best. Guangshan Circle Bicycke Path is the first bicycle-only route in Taiwan. It is a 15.2 km route where one will pass through the Aisle of Betel Nuts, rice paddies, Zongguan Sun Mooon Pavilion and a strawberry field. Don’t be surprised if you’ll get hooked with their boxed lunch.

taiwan trek

  • Recognized by CNN GoTravel as one of the Top Ten Most Beautiful Bike Trails in the world, Sun Moon Lake is a must ride. Surrounded by rivers, lakes, mountains, hot springs and relaxing hotels, one would love to spend more time here and breathe in nature.

sun moon lake

Taiwan might be a small island nation, but it's cycling trails and paths are just too awesome. By the way, Taiwan Cycling Festival happens every November.

taiwan bike trek

Till next time..

If you want us to write more about certain cycling routes, trek or even places that you're planning to visit, just comment below or email us at info@rviactive.com and we will do our best to tackle it in our next post.

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