Introducing our latest Collaboration... VITAWERX - RVI Active
Introducing our latest Collaboration... VITAWERX

Introducing our latest Collaboration... VITAWERX

September 26, 2018 1 Comment

VITAWERX has quickly become a market leader in sports nutrition and health-related products by their innovation and passion for providing quality, natural products. Their goal of accelerating fitness junkies' journey to reach their practical health and fitness goals, aligns with RVI Active's focus on the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle. This undeniable connection between two different yet, alike start-ups leads us to announce some exciting news. A collaboration! What does that mean for you, you ask? It means you now have complete access to what we believe to be the most beneficial sporting products for your growth and development. We're talking weight loss supplements, ketogenic snacks, magnesium supplements, and liquid oxygen to help you reach your optimum nutrition levels!

CEO of VITAWERX, Josh Hourigan is a friend and business interest of our RVI Active's COO, Kayla Crane. Josh's experience stems from his intensive background in the health and fitness industry. His passion for well-being and dedication to the grind, lead to the successful creation of VITAWERX and the optimisation of his consumers' health. A win, win!

This opportunity really stood out to us at RVI Active and we believe the collaboration of these two adventure ridden leaders, will be the perfect start of our expansion into a leading international fitness brand. Let's take a look at our newest products so you can start reaping the benefits today!


All of these products have been developed through teamwork with some of Australia's best food scientists, naturopaths and biochemists to deliver quality without the harmful effects of added chemicals.

Natti Burn

Do you ever feel like you're pushing your body to the limit every time you exercise but just aren't getting the results you desire? Well, kick that disappointment aside and start kicking your fitness goals! Natti Burn is a completely natural, Australian made fat burner for those seeking to decrease their body weight or simply tone up. Natti Burn is low in stimulants, perfect for the go-getter who can't afford to be jittery or crash at the end of the day. Another benefit of Natti Burn is the enrichment of antioxidants. Antioxidants have a wide range of health benefits for your heart, eyes, memory, mood and immune system - so you'll feel well and more wholesome each time you burn fat with Natti Burn! The power of Natti Burn is in its thermogenic tendencies. Thermogenic's produce heat in your body through metabolic stimulation which stimulates your bodies state when you burn calories, meaning you can exercise less and benefit more - though, of course, exercising more means more fat burn!

That being said, this natural, metabolism booster comes in flavours of Passion Pine, Fresh Watermelon and Rippin Raspberry Lime. So it tastes good to make you look good!

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Oxy-genic is an Australian made and owned performance optimiser. This product is perfect if you ever struggle to hop out of bed and getting straight into high-intensity training. Or if you've had a long, tiring day and just can't fathom going on that mountain hike you promised you would with your best mate, one dose of oxygenic will get you motivated and bouncing up that mountain in no time! The benefits of this product are unprecedented - boosting strength, endurance, AND power! Oxygenic is a liquid oxygen supplement, taken pre-workout to increase the amount of oxygen in your bloodstream. The active oxygen molecules are absorbed immediately to rid you of fatigue and fill you with vitality. The best part? It is completely natural so it's without caffeine, stimulants, artificial sugars, sweeteners and flavours. OXY-GENIC will heighten your feelings of health and well being, increase performance levels both physically and mentally, increase your blood flow, minimise muscle cramps, allow you to recover faster and give you improved immunity and mental clarity. Did I mention it's 100% natural?

This perfect combination of Di-atomic oxygen molecules, Dimethylglycine (DMG), Atlantic Sea Salt and Demineralised Activated Water is completely free from banned substances, giving it the tick of approval for all your competitive sporting needs!

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Magna Plus

We know how tricky life can be and how it can be made harder by small, simple inconveniences. Some of you may sit at a desk all day, which can result in pesky lower back pain or cramped hamstrings, causing your day to drag on. Some of your muscles are overworked from your marathon training this morning or yesterday, or last week - we get it! Whatever the reason is, we've got you covered...

Introducing, Vitawerx' Magna Plus, a clinically formulated magnesium cream to provide temporary relief to common joints and muscular aches, pains, cramps, stiffness and inflammation from any and every type of muscle exertion. Magnesium is such an undervalued mineral when it comes to personal health. The fact is, your magnesium intake has the ability to maintain normal nerve and muscle function, as well as your immune system, heart, and bone health. With magnesium affecting almost all bodily systems, it's important you know how ramping up your dosage will benefit you. With Magna Plus, you can say goodbye those pesky afternoon headaches and mental fatigue.

Magna Plus is a topical cream, meaning it is absorbed directly into the bloodstream resulting in a quickly absorbed, full strength blend to relax you, help you recover and relieve any pain and stiffness you may have. The potential is uncapped here. Magna Plus contains ingredients such as Magnesium Chloride, Magnesium Sulphate and Arnica which work together to energise your physical fatigue by targeting tired muscles, act as an anti-inflammatory agent and even relieve bruising. But that's not all! Magna Plus is also proven to improve the tone and elasticity of peripheral veins and capillaries, relieve joint pain and stiffness, relieve discomfort associated with muscle cramping, stiffness and pain and improve the overall wellness of your skin.

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And the best part is, if you try any of these mentioned products in the month of October, you will receive a complimentary 35g low sugar, protein chocolate bar with every order over $50 AUD! Prepare to get hooked and start your fitness journey with VitaWerx and RVI Active today! Please check to see if these items ship to your location. 

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