The In’s and Out’s of Bike Sharing in Australia

The In’s and Out’s of Bike Sharing in Australia

April 24, 2018

So, straight off the bat, if you’re not sure what bike sharing is, it is a program which bicycle stations are set up, typically in city areas allowing people to rent a bike for a small cost. In an ever-growing urban environment, where city infrastructure is expanding rapidly, this movement enables cycling to become more accessible.

So what is the benefit of bike-sharing?

People use bike-sharing for many reasons. Some use this new bike-sharing system as a means of transportation. 

With hundreds of stations and companies to choose from, bike-sharing resembles a more convenient form of public transport with a lower cost too! Staying fit has never been easier with the convenience of these bike-sharing system spread right across cities throughout the world. 

Gone are the days of tying your bike to the racks of your car, now you can stroll to your closest bike station without the hassle, pick up your bike and be on your way!

Bike-sharing is now more convenient than ever with many mobile apps available to check where bike stations are situated and exactly how many of the bikes are available for use. According to Sydney Cycle Ways more than 60,000 Sydney siders have downloaded bike sharing apps and more than 2,000 trips are made just within Sydney each day. This means more space on roads for cars, more space on public transport and definitely a decrease in energy emissions from transport.

Below you’ll find a list of Australia’s best bike-share programs by city.



For the surfer and the cyclist, Mobike is located on the Gold Coast and some bikes even include a surf board rack! I mean what more could you want on a Sunny Gold Coast Day?

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate said:

“We’ve chosen a team with both international and local expertise to ensure our city becomes a bikeshare success story. The scheme provides flexibility for users who can park the bike in designated parking areas or in other appropriate locations without the need for parking infrastructure. The bikes will be rolled out strategically and increase availability to meet demands in time to come.”

Together, Mobikers have cycled over 18.2 billion kilometers, the equivalent of saving over 4.4 million tonnes of carbon emissions, worth more than $194 million in economic benefits.


City Cycle

Available to book via website booking or Smartphone App. City Cycle enables you to pick up from docking stations around the Brisbane area.


Melbourne Bike Share

600 Bikes. 50 Stations. Find stations and bikes with the smartphone app.



Hundreds of Stations to find your own bike. Find Reddy Go on the App Store.


Want to pick up a bike and not even have to take it back to a docking station?

Ofo, is the perfect bike sharing system for you then! No docking stations, no walking the rest of the way.



oBike is Australia's first homegrown dockless smart bike-sharing company which uses technology to change how transportation is viewed locally. It allows commuters to travel during one-way first and the last mile commuting – via bicycles located all over the island. 

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