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The Recipe for Safe Cycling

The Recipe for Safe Cycling

November 22, 2016

As the creators of the world’s first ever arm-mounted rear view mirror for cyclists, increasing visibility on the road is our speciality. The greater clarity and visibility everyone has on the road, the easier it is to avoid crashes and cycling accidents.

The RearViz team have come up with three safety tips that we believe all cyclists should follow if they want to ride safely.

Be Seen

When you are cycling, you are sharing the road with motorists who may or may not be aware of the safety rules and precautions that they should be following in order to keep you safe. One of the best moves you can make, then, is to ensure that your presence on the road is as glaringly obvious as possible.

First, when riding, make sure you are wearing high-visibility cycling clothing, or at least bright colours. The human eye is going to naturally notice strong yellows, oranges, and reds. These ‘safety’ colours signal caution and alertness in the human brain, which is why they are used for traffic lights and signs.

Second, utilise safety lights. Equip your bike with reflective lighting and use a flashing or blinking light to help increase your visibility in cloudy or dark conditions. Making eye contact with drivers and using hand signals will also increase your visibility to drivers. Being seen is so important, try to keep up with these safe cycling habits; no one wants to get hurt on the road.

Be Smart

Wherever you ride, make sure you ALWAYS wear a helmet that is fastened and fits well. Ensure you are up to date with the current cycling laws and regulations in your area as they are regularly changing and differ between each state. Whether changing lanes, turning or stopping, make sure you always give yourself enough time to complete the manoeuvre so road users are aware of your movements.

Be Aware

You also need to stay aware of your surroundings. This isn’t just the case on the road. Cycling off-road and on trails can be just as dangerous. You always need to be aware of what is around you and potential upcoming hazards.

To help you see, ride with high quality sunglasses to prevent sun glare from blocking your vision. The RearViz Mirror is excellent for clearly seeing what is going on around you. Placed on your arm rather than your bike, road vibrations are eliminated so you can get a clearer picture of what’s behind you and around you. An arm-mounted mirror really acts like a set of eyes behind your head – which any experienced cyclist will tell you, is exactly what you need to stay safe. Get yours today and start cycling safely!

As safe cycling experts, we were thrilled to be featured the article by NSW Compensation Lawyers to help you understand how you can better 'Protect yourself with these cycling safety tips'.

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