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Top 5 Best Cycling Routes in Asia

Top 5 Best Cycling Routes in Asia

May 03, 2019

Asia has vast culture, rich history, magical and exotic landscape, attracting every one to explore and discover. It offers some of the most and challenging bike tours in the world.

I had been to many places and I love not just the enchanting and magnificent beauty of each ancient historical villages, temples, monasteries and even museums but most of all amaze with the warmth attitude of Asian people.

I can’t think of the best and exciting way to explore a new place than riding  a bike. Whatever your reasons for cycling, I believe that combining sport and travel could be completely life-changing and pretty exciting, isn’t it?

It doesn't make a difference whether you're an expert rider or a cycling beginner, going by bicycle should be possible at a pace to suit your capacities and there are no standards about how frequently you stop en route. There are numerous trails to suit diverse riding levels, yet here are our Top 5 of the best cycling routes in Asia…

Hiroshima's Shimanami Kaido, Japan

    1. Hiroshima's Shimanami Kaido, Japan - Many people fell in love with the beauty of Japan and more and more cyclist finding this place as one of their favorites. The easy stretch route is perfect for beginners, younger cyclists and the whole family. This route also offers magnificent coastal scenery,in fact you will pass 6 islands to finish. The beauty of this road is that it can be completed in just a matter of hours. There are also available bikes for rent along the expressway.
    2. Himalayas, Bhutan - Reclusive and mysterious, the kingdom of Bhutan is a Buddhist fairy tale land tucked away in one of the world’s most spectacular natural environments- the Himalayas. A cycling adventure in Bhutan is truly adventurous, with unrivaled scenery and a cultural experience so extraordinary, it surprises even the most well traveled. Get ready to climb- roads, go only up or down.A dense landscape of steep hills, switchbacks, and mountain villages against a backdrop of alpine slopes and impressive peaks. Challenging climbs are rewarded with clear views of the surrounding range, and of course, the thrill of sweeping, satisfying descents.
    3. Angkor Wat, Cambodia - Biking around the Angkor Wat temple complex is one of the best ways of exploring the lesser known wonders of this incredible archaeological site. If you’re not planning on taking your own bike, you can rent a bicycle from the old market area in Siem Reap for just a few dollars a day.
    4. Silk Road, China - If you’re looking for both a physical and mental challenge, I would recommend cycling the historic Silk Road. You will going to love both of sports and rich history it unveils. It offers the most wonderful views of China’s untouched countryside.
    5. Mekong River, Cambodia  - Cambodia’s beauty, rich culture and iconic historical places is something that every cyclist wanted to experience and explore. The place is not just best for cycling routes or temple ruins, it is also best for exploring village full of smiling faces. You do not have to worry about renting a bike, you can easily rent for just a few dollars a day.

cycling route

There are lots of cycling routes not yet included in our list. The list is based on our personal choice. Stay tuned for more tips and best cycling routes across the globe that has been shared and recommended by Pros and Influencers alike.

How about you? Comment below or email us at your favorite cycling routes and get feature in our next blog post.

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