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Want to win prizes just for going on a ride? 

Love to ride Australia is a platform where riders can track their daily rides, ride in teams and even win great prizes while doing so! 

If you're like me and already love exercise but love the opportunity for community engagement and the chance to win prizes in doing so, then this is just for you! On the Love to Ride Australia site you can record your rides, encourage others to join in, complete a virtual ride, set goals and oh so much more...

Love to ride is now an active initiative in 10 countries with not only more than 237,000 participants but also over 60,000 non- cyclists participating. 

The prizes vary from cycling prize packs such as a RearViz mirror and GoPro mount gift pack and even massive prizes like winning your dream holiday to the Grand Canyon or a Trip to New Zealand! 

If you like the sound of those prizes then here's how you can get your hands on them! 

1. Register on Lovetoride.net (it's free to sign up). 

2. Ride for 10 minutes or more during the time period that love to ride is on

3. Recruit yourself a team! This could be you and your riding bestie, friends or even get your workplace involved, and put together a team! 

4. Record your rides, take photos along the way and win great prizes!

Check out these photos participants have shared while taking part in Love to Ride Australia!

Easy as that! For a free activity and the chance to win so many amazing prizes, what's stopping you!? 

Jump over to Love to Ride Australia and be sure to register, so you too can also take part in this amazing active movement! 


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March 13, 2021

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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