What is RearViz and how does it work?

The RearViz Mirror Kit is a stylish arm mounted, fully adjustable and rotatable, rear view convex mirror for cyclists. Its purpose is to help ensure the cyclist’s vision whilst commuting by allowing the cyclist to look forward while seeing behind. The RearViz mirror is slightly convex and can be adjusted to rotate 360° and pivot 180° to allow the best range of vision on the market. The RearViz is fully collapsible for easy storage and is compatible with our Universal Camera Mount system.

What is the RearViz Universal Mount?

The RearViz Universal Mount is a camera mount system that allows you to securely fit an action camera anywhere on your arm! Simply attach your GoPro or other compatible product and enjoy a 360 degree rotating accessory to capture those picture perfect moments within seconds. The RearViz Universal Mount is made using stainless steel materials enabling it safe for salt water use, however RearViz highly suggests that you rinse your product after salt water use in fresh water.

How do I interchange between the RearViz Mirror Kit and the Universal Camera Mount?

Firstly, using a standard 5mm nut driver (or just a butter knife), unclip the RearViz Mirror Kit from the soft plastic body by pushing firmly on the underside centre of product. Once the mirror kit is detached from the rest of the product, take your Universal Camera Mount and place it in the soft plastic housing kit. Push down firmly until the Universal Camera Mount clips into the device securely and push your lock pin into the back of the clip to ensure your Universal Camera Mount is securely locked in. You are then ready to use your RearViz kit.

How do I use a RearViz?

The RearViz can be worn anywhere on the arm from the wrist to the upper arm or bicep. Simply thread both ends of the armband through either side of the RearViz unit and pull the armband through so that it is centred with equal lengths on either side. Fold one end of the Velcro onto the other side of the Velcro to secure the armband. Holding the other end of the armband place your arm between the armband and the mirror kit and pull the armband on the loose end until you feel as though the RearViz kit is secure. Fold the armband back over the Velcro to fasten securely. Fold open the mirror and rotate into position until you have corrected the angel for optimum rear viewing.

Is RearViz comfortable to wear?

The RearViz was designed around comfort for long periods of use. It is ultra-lightweight so you won’t even know you’re wearing one! The soft plastic bottom housing allows RearViz to bend and fit nicely onto whichever part of your arm you feel comfortable using the product. It is made from high quality plastic materials and includes a super soft perforated armband for enhanced breathability and comfort.

Where on the arm should I wear the RearViz?

RearViz is designed to be able to be worn in various locations, anywhere from your wrist, up to your bicep. Depending on how you use your RearViz, the location is entirely up to you. Our personal preference is just below the elbow on the forearm for cyclists who have bicycles with straight handle bars and around the wrist area for cyclists using drop handle bars, however it is a personal preference after all.

How is the RearViz Mirror Kit different to other bicycle mirrors?

Unlike the traditional bicycle, helmet or handlebar-mounted rear view mirrors, RearViz mirrors are designed for the cyclist, not just the bike. The arm-mounted, weather-resistant band is the biggest distinguisher of our product. Being mounted on the arm permits the user to engage the widest part of the body, which will allow the most rearward vision. Unlike the conventional bike-mounted mirror, RearViz have designed a mirror that won’t vibrate and distort your vision as the strap holds it in place and gives the cyclist control. The RearViz has also been designed to adapt to a range of activities and people with a patented interchangeable base allowing you to swap and change between a RearViz mirror and a RearViz universal camera mount.

My mirror has broken, how do I install the RearViz Mirror Replacement Kit?

Firstly, using a standard 5mm nut driver, unclip the mirror assembly from the soft plastic body by pushing firmly on the underside centre of product. Once the mirror assembly is detached from the rest of the product, take your new replacement mirror kit and place it in the soft plastic housing kit. Push down firmly until the replacement mirror kit clips into the device securely. You are then ready to use your new RearViz mirror kit.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do ship internationally. Flat Rate and Express Courier shipping services can be purchased on the checkout page. Delivery times to International locations vary, and whilst we endeavour to get your RearViz products to you quickly, please allow between 10-15 Business days. Please note that sometimes the Customs Agency within the Destination Country may hold your delivery due to random security/inspection measures. Unfortunately we have no control over this matter. All Duties & Taxes in the destination country (where applicable) are separate to the shipping charge and are payable by the customer. They are not included in the purchase or shipping prices on our website.

How do I clean the RearViz?

The RearViz can be washed with warm water and mild liquid soap and left to dry in a well aired area.

Do RearViz products have warranties? 

Any RearViz kit purchased from our online store comes with a 12 month repair warranty. There is a warranty information pack inside the packaging of every RearViz kit.